Weeds Whacked at Wilfred Downs!

 A coming together of landholders and staff,  project officers and mapping gurus saw knowledge and field techniques shared.  On Thursday 30th September Southern Gulf NRM, partnering with Desert Channels Queensland, held a field day on Wilfred Downs, a property south of Hughenden, with a view to highlight the prickly acacia treatment concluding shortly, on the property.

The field day was a great success with multiple, local landholder representatives in attendance, along with Southern Gulf’s resident pest management experts, Charles Curry and Robyn Young.  Desert Channels staff were also present, including their weed management team, GIS officer and two drone operators.

Wilfred Downs is one of six properties that has been actively treating the invasive species, as part of a joint program between Southern Gulf, Desert Channels Queensland.  The project has yielded excellent results thus far and has been funded by the Queensland Government’s Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Prickly acacia treatment methods, as practised on Wilfred Downs and the other properties, were discussed and the day included demonstrations of the plant and equipment used. Gordon Ford, owner of Hughenden Station and Wilfred Downs, provided some valuable insights based on his more than 90 years’ experience living in the region.

If Prickly Acacia is an issue on your property and you would like to know more on eradicating this weed, please contact our friendly team to discuss strategies suited to your land.

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