Stronger Pest and Weed Collaboration in the Southern Gulf Region - Southern Gulf Natural Resource Management
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Stronger Pest and Weed Collaboration in the Southern Gulf Region

Invasive weeds and pest animals are a major threat to the economy of northwest Queensland. Combating this threat in the large and sparsely populated region requires a coordinated response by multiple regional partners. This project will strengthen a partnership between the nine local governments in North West Queensland, along with Southern Gulf NRM, State agencies, Indigenous communities and other partners to develop the Southern Gulf Regional Invasive Pest Animal and Weed Strategy. The strategy will:

Promote and support stronger governance and leadership, Guide and support skills development, and Facilitate resource sharing to achieve more efficient and effective utilisation of scarce regional resources.

The focus of the project is on building capacity in local government and other partners with relevant roles to achieve better management of invasive plants and animals in the Southern Gulf region.

Project Partners: Southern Gulf NRM, Local Government in North West Queensland, State agencies and Indigenous communities.

Project Funding: Building Better Regions Fund Community Investments Stream Round 2 under The Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and The department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities.


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