Profitable Producers Creating Healthy Landscapes - Southern Gulf Natural Resource Management
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Profitable Producers Creating Healthy Landscapes

Profitable Producers Creating Healthy Landscapes Come and join one of three Producer Performance Groups to develop and implement an extension program and be eligible for on-ground grants by

Undertaking a Property Management Planning process to:

  1. assess and develop strategies to address your natural resource management issues.
  2. Document your current management practices
  3. identify and adopt better management practices
  • Setting your NRM priorities and the group’s priorities
  • Developing an extension training program
    specifically for your group’s issues and interests
  • Deciding on a targeted grant program.

Individuals and groups of graziers are invited to take action now by attending upcoming events or registering your interest.

Project Partners: Southern Gulf NRM and Land Managers

Project Funding: This project is supported by Southern Gulf NRM, through funding from the Australian Government National Landcare Program



Throughout the Southern Gulf

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