Birds Banding Together!

Southern Gulf Project Officers Lyndy Skea and Kayler Greenfield have been lucky enough to work closely with PhD Candidates Henry Stoetzel and Patrick Webster from The University of Queensland as part of our Carpentarian Grasswren Conservation project. We’ve been getting down and dirty, colour banding some tiny Carpies, which is an important step in the […]

Glencore Funding assists Community to Create Resilient Landscapes for Grasswren Conservation

Lyndy Skea | 6th December 2023 Southern Gulf NRM are pleased to announce that through funding from Glencore’s Community Assistance Program, they can continue their conservation work for the endangered Carpentarian Grasswren in North West Queensland for another two years. The funding will enable Southern Gulf NRM to deliver activities that will work towards reducing […]

Restoring riparian health after the monsoon 

Southern Gulf NRM is working with land managers to restore riparian areas following the monsoon event of early 2019 which drastically impacted North West Queensland. During that natural disaster, a torrential amount of rainfall swelled riverbanks and waterways well beyond their capacity. The sheer volume of water pushed vegetation, soil and the banks of the […]

Reducing the impact of fire on the endangered Carpentarian Grasswren

The Carpentarian Grasswren (Amytornis dorotheae) is a medium-sized grasswren, endemic to the southern Gulf of Carpentaria. It is a small but striking brown and white bird with a moderately long tail that it flicks erect in a cheeky display.  Historically the species was known from four separate locations across the Northern Territory to Cloncurry in […]

Resilient Soils and Landscapes Project

Southern Gulf NRM in partnership with James Cook University have commenced on ground trials with landholders in 2 catchments in the Region.  The trials are focused on restoring consistent bare ground over many seasons under the Resilient Soils and Landscapes project.  A range of restoration techniques will be engaged, determined by the unique factors of […]

Constructive Collaboration for Cloncurry Shire

Recently Cloncurry Shire Council CEO, Philip Keirle, met with Southern Gulf NRM invasive plants and animals project officer, Charles Curry, to discuss a partnership arrangement with the view to weed eradication.  An agreement was reached between the two parties that will see a significant impact on the mesquite infestation currently found within the shire. Inspections […]