Here’s What We Loved About the Richmond Field Day

In case you missed it, we recently set up shop at the Richmond Field Day and we had an absolute blast!

There was food, fashion, and fun to be had by all. Standouts of the day included the bull auction, the lawn mower racing and of course the Southern Gulf NRM tent.

Bringing a team of 6 and a truck full of new technology, literature, and demonstration models, we had Project Officers on deck to deliver hands on advice for all things NRM.

CEO, Geoff Penton, and Grazing Land Officer, Georgia Glasson, testing out our soil erosion dumpy level.
Georgia and Vicky discussing land management practices.

We had multiple visitors from all over our catchment including Vicky Molyneaux from Jireena Station who came to us seeking information on weed/pest and land management.  We were able to provide Vicky with the information and support she needed, “Georgia is a wealth of knowledge” she said.

Rachel and Kahlia in a 1:1 pregnancy testing demonstration. Thanks to DAF for supplying the model.

Another of our guests was Kahlia Mickan from Dulthara Station who stopped by to discuss our recent cattle pregnancy testing workshops and left with information on so much more. “Initially, I just came by to ask when the next workshop would be, but I received training, information, a demonstration and even some pamphlets to take home. It’s such a fantastic opportunity to have your team here! We recently missed the workshop and were really disappointed but to have Rachel go through the workshop with us one-on-one at a family fun day is such commitment to the landholders of our region” she said.  

That wasn’t all for us though with further activities during the day including a very popular soil erosion demonstration and the testing of new field equipment such as the automated weather station and dumpy level.

We’d like to that the Richmond Turf Club for organising the Field Days and inviting us to participate, we and we’re sure everyone else who attended, had a great time!

Head to our Youtube page to see our video recap of the day!

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