Glencore Funding assists Community to Create Resilient Landscapes for Grasswren Conservation

Lyndy Skea | 6th December 2023

Southern Gulf NRM are pleased to announce that through funding from Glencore’s Community Assistance Program, they can continue their conservation work for the endangered Carpentarian Grasswren in North West Queensland for another two years.

The funding will enable Southern Gulf NRM to deliver activities that will work towards reducing the threat of wildfires to this unique grasswren that is only found in the North West Highlands amongst the spinifex hummocks. While the primary focus is conservation for the grasswren species, the project outcomes will safeguard habitat for other endangered species, such as the Purple-necked Wallaby, the Gouldian Finch, and the Carpentarian Antechinus.

The project activities will include:

Research and Monitoring: To support ongoing annual bird surveys through BirdLife North Queensland for grasswren populations. Understanding these cheeky wrens is vital to their survival.

Community Engagement: To continue working with local, regional, and state project partners to raise awareness and work hand-in-hand to protect the Carpentarian Grasswren and understand the importance of fire management in our region.

Training and Resources: Employ fire specialists to work with local graziers, conduct annual aerial incendiary burns, and plan and equip them with the knowledge and tools to take proactive fire management actions. Together, we can work to reduce wildfire risks and protect our beautiful region from the devastating impacts.

Megan Munchenberg, Chairperson for Southern Gulf NRM, expressed her appreciation for the project funding, “We are grateful for Glencore’s support. It will enable Southern Gulf NRM to continue to focus on two environmental issues affecting our region: safeguarding our endemic species and best practice fire management in our landscapes. This project’s strength lies in the strong partnerships that have been formed, and it provides an avenue for our vision for resilient landscapes and strong communities to be shared with the community.”

Maryann Wipaki, General Manager for Health, Safety, Environment and Community for Glencore, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, “We acknowledge the need to safeguard our unique biodiversity in North West Queensland. Through our partnership supporting the Carpentarian Grasswren, we not only protect an endangered species, but we also invest to protect the very ecosystems in which we operate. Such collaborations are not just about conservation; they’re about shaping a sustainable legacy for generations to come.”

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