Board Director

Southern Gulf of Carpentaria Region
Three (3) Year Term 

The Southern Gulf NRM Constitution provides that the Board comprise a Chairperson and five (5) to seven (7) Directors with a mix of natural resource management and corporate governance skills ensuring coverage across all sectors of the Southern Gulf of Carpentaria region.


The Board is responsible for the management and oversight of Southern Gulf NRM and works to apply the Governance Principles as recommended by the
Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

The role of Board Members requires the time and commitment to:

  •  Attend all Board meetings.
  • Fully prepare for Board meetings by prior reading and evaluation of board papers and related material.
  • In support of the Chairperson actively and constructively contribute to all meetings, support the participation of other directors, and support timely closure and decision making.
  • Represent SG NRM as a Director and build and maintain relationships with regional communities and other stakeholders in the SG NRM business and advise the Chairperson, other directors and the CEO of emerging issues.
  • Actively and effectively contribute to the work of Board sub-committees, including as chairperson if requested.
  • Participate in an annual review of Board performance.
  • Travel throughout the Southern Gulf Region at times to meet membership expectations and processes
  • From time to time, deputise for the Chairperson in meetings and other engagements on behalf of SG NRM.
  • Build and maintain a positive and supportive relationship with the Chairperson and CEO
  • Stay up to date about the SG NRM organisation and regularly review when an issue or important initiative needs to be brought to the attention of the full Board or a committee.
  • Knowledge of corporate governance – Active contribution to the strategic and compliance oversight roles of a director on a not-for-profit board. Respect for the distinction between strategic and operational functions.
    Appropriate interventions, questioning and testing of advice and information from the CEO and contributions from other directors.
  • Facilitate leadership – Under the leadership of the Chairperson, participate in the development of the Board’s knowledge and capabilities; support other board members; intervene when necessary in instances involving conflict of interest and confidentiality; think and act independently; participate in constructive and timely discussion and debate, respecting the expertise of the Chairperson, other directors and the CEO.
  • Business acumen – Build an effective working relationship with the Chairperson, other directors and the Chief Executive Officer; ensure understanding of the financial aspects and other fundamentals of the Company. Contribute positively to the Board in the discharge of its principal areas of responsibility and compliance.
  • Investment procurement and marketing – A broad range of business experience, preferably in the not for profit sector linking into funding and income opportunities to enable maximum NRM investment into the region. 
  • Self-evaluation – Contribute to effective, objective board self-evaluation process and support implementation of recommendations for improvement, seeking feedback on own performance from the Chairperson.


  • Natural resource management/Agriculture – knowledge of issues affecting the Southern Gulf Region in relation to Natural Resource Management and agricultural industries
  • Accounting and Finance – The ability to read and comprehend the Company accounts, financial material as presented to the Board, financial reporting requirements and some understanding of corporate finance. , knowledge of government policy and investment arrangements.
  • Legal – The Board’s responsibility involves overseeing compliance with numerous laws and regulations as well as understanding the individual Director’s legal duties and responsibilities.
  • Risk management – Experience in managing areas of major risk to the organisation.


  • Integrity – Fulfilling a director’s duties and responsibilities, acting ethically, having appropriate independence, putting the organisation’s interest before personal interests.
  • Communicator – The ability to engage and facilitate effective communication with all stakeholders. Ability to listen and seek input from others.
  • Emotional intelligence – As well as self-awareness and self-management, the Chairperson needs to be able to motivate individuals and groups and be able to empathetically manage situations where strong emotions are present.
  • Commercial astuteness – Capacity to identify and analyse business opportunities for SG NRM.
  • Contributor – An active contributor with genuine interest in the organisation and its business. The ability to work with and retain advisors on behalf of the Board when required.
The expected time commitment is flexible, with the equivalent of at least one week per month commitment, plus attendance at board meetings and stakeholder meetings, which will be at times held outside of the region.
If you are interested in a Director position on our board, please read the Directors Pack, complete and submit the Application Form along with your CV and covering letter to by Friday 15th October 2021.
If you have any queries or wish for additional information please contact: Margot Richardson, Company Secretary on 0419 745 847 or