Charles Curry Retires after 25 Years at Southern Gulf NRM

Charles's last day at Southern Gulf NRM - 5th July 2024
Charles joined Southern Gulf NRM in June 1999. As he transitions into retirement, the entire team reflects with immense gratitude on the impact of his contributions. While we will miss having him around, we’re excited for him to enjoy some well-deserved downtime. We asked him a few questions to reflect on his 25 years with us. 
  • What is the most memorable moment you’ve had during your time at SGNRM?
    • There have been many moments that could be described as memorable, some great and some not so great. Just getting the job in the first place way back in 1999 was memorable; the joys of getting funding rounds up after all the hard yakka of applications (they are not memorable); flying around in choppers doing mainly rubber vine surveys in some incredible country; attending conferences and symposiums (forget symposia) around the country; camping out on the Gulf coast with the rangers and NT and Queensland government people flying, burning and spraying the dreaded rubber vine; the satisfaction of seeing dead weeds, any and all of them


  • What is the most valuable lesson you have learned during your time here?
    • Try your hardest to get on well with absolutely everybody – from government agencies and their officers to landholders and managers, local government top to bottom, contractors, suppliers, researchers, any and all Aboriginal groups and individuals, other NRM groups, like-minded community groups such as Landcare – absolutely everybody. 


  • What will you miss the most at SGNRM?
    • The whole work situation, the projects success and otherwise in every part of the region, the incredible people I have had the pleasure of meeting, knowing and working with, the natural environment and a great way to spend 25 years of my life. 


  • What are your next steps? 
    • Live in Mount Isa, fix the house, travel the world and even more of Australia, see some cricket and real footy at the MCG, even enjoy more landcare, stick to VB and keep the red wine standards up. 

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