About Southern Gulf NRM - Southern Gulf Natural Resource Management
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About Southern Gulf NRM

Our region

Southern Gulf NRM (SG NRM) is a community-based not-for-profit company limited by guarantee under the Australian Companies Act, tasked with providing sustainable natural resource management (NRM) services in the southern Gulf of Carpentaria region of north west Queensland.

Our geographic region covers 195,000km2 in north-west Queensland comprising the catchments of the Flinders-Cloncurry, Leichhardt and Gregory-Nicholson Rivers, Settlement Creek and Morning Inlet, plus the Wellesley Islands group.

SG NRM is charged with protection and restoration of biodiversity values, arresting land degradation, enhancing adoption of sustainable land management practices, improving water quality through decreased sedimentation and facilitating improved coastal and marine management. The organisation is funded by the Australian and Queensland Governments, business investors and fee for service clients to provide management, planning, facilitation and on-ground services which assist the community, pastoral sector, Local Government, Indigenous groups, tourism and other industries, mining and conservation to achieve measurable landscape outcomes.

Services provided include weed management, riparian protection and biodiversity conservation, as well as services to assist in improving grazing land management, fire management, coastal protection, and building NRM capacity across communities. This is achieved by holding workshops and educational programs involving schools and rural/remote communities.

Natural Resources

Natural resources include the air, soil, minerals, water, the landscape, and the plants and animals that live in it. These natural resources provide the rich environment in which we live, work and play.

We all impact on natural resources in the jobs we do and as we live our day-to-day lives.  Natural resource management (NRM) describes how people use and look after these natural resources. NRM is about ‘caring for our country’, and in doing so, caring for ourselves and our culture. It’s about looking after the environment and managing it for the future – making sure we have enough resources to move forward but not over-using them.

NRM is about keeping things sustainable and viable.