Environment Fund - Southern Gulf Natural Resource Management
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Environment Fund

Southern Gulf NRM Environment Fund

Southern Gulf NRM has established, under its Constitution, a public fund for the acceptance of donations.

The Southern Gulf NRM Environment Fund committee is made up of prominent local residents including Pat Fennell, Lauren Merrick and Peter O’Regan. The committee directs which projects the fund should support in this region.


The objective of the Southern Gulf NRM Environment Fund is to facilitate the donation of monies and/or property to the Fund for the:

a. protection and enhancement of the natural environment or of a significant aspect of the natural environment;

and to support Southern Gulf NRM in its stated objectives to:

b. fill the role of a Regional Natural Resource Management Body for the Southern Gulf region;
c. implement and review the Southern Gulf Regional Strategy;
d. be accountable for relevant Natural Heritage Trust and other project funds for the implementation of the Southern Gulf Regional Strategy; and
e. carry out any other activities associated with the management of natural resources.

For more information or to make a donation please contact the Southern Gulf NRM office.

Andrew Maclean CEO
Southern Gulf NRM
07 4743 1888

Alan Matheson - Lawn Hill