Previous Projects

War on Western Weeds

Southern Gulf NRM works in partnership with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries on the War on Western Weeds project (WoWW).  WoWW is a 5 year Queensland Government initiative, that aims to reduce the incidence and spread of prickly acacia in western Queensland.  The project focus is on the Mitchell grass downs where prickly acacia has a significant impact on land condition and productivity as well as strategic areas in central Queensland and the lower Gulf. Under DAF’s leadership, some the WoWW project activities that Southern Gulf NRM has supported are:

  • Establishment of a second Good Neighbour Program case study in collaboration with Barcaldine Regional Council.
  • Research trials on spray misters leading to the securement of a Minor Use Permit issued by APVMA.
  • Production of seven factsheets outlining the outcomes of WoWW led research projects and implications for grazier consideration.
  • Studies of prickly acacia seedling and pasture response to mechanical control.
  • Thomson River Weed Control Project targeting strategic prickly acacia, parkinsonia and rubbervine.
  • Central West Pest Management Technical Group bellyache bush control.

War on Northern Invasive Weeds (WONIW) project funded by the Australian Government and led by DAF has commenced and will run concurrently with the WoWW initiative. This project with assist in further refining  the Good Neighbour Program, spray misting, scattergun and the weed sniper through additional research trials. A Community Based Social Marketing case study will also be undertaken to better understand and address barriers to community led weed control initiatives.

Project Partners: Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Hughenden Shire, Barcaldine Shire

Project Funding Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Australian Government War on Northern Invasive Weeds project