Weed and Pest Management

South 32 Cannington

This project funded through South32 Cannington’s community investment program aims to continue the long-term objective of actively managing infestations of prickly acacia and mesquite, both Weeds of National Significance in the McKinlay and Cloncurry Shires, concentrating on properties in the vicinity of the road corridor from Cannington mine to Yurbi rail loading facility, along Cannington Road and Landsborough Highway. This will result in the prevention of spread to, and impact on new areas, thereby conserving biodiversity in the Mitchell Grass Downs and Gulf Plains bioregions, protecting critical riparian vegetation and valuable pasture and increasing the skills and capacities of the region’s landholders.

In 2022-23, six landholders availed themselves of the opportunity to participate in the project valued at $30,000. Weed management proceeded on six properties along Landsborough Highway and the McKinlay-Cannington Mine road. Scattered infestations of prickly acacia and mesquite were treated over an estimated 2,350 hectares. 

This project is funded by South32 Cannington.