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Regional Landcare Facilitator

Building capacity for sustainable land management lies at the heart of Southern Gulf NRM’s Regional Landcare Facilitator project.  Our RLF project contributes to developing a skilled and capable Landcare and farming community within the Southern Gulf region. It aims to increase community engagement and participation in NRM, building capacity, knowledge and skills to better manage natural resources. There is a strong focus on promoting the Landcare ethic and sustainable grazing practices to graziers. Landcare, production and community groups are assisted to seek funding, membership and resources for NRM activities and to build their capacity and skills. The Regional Landcare Facilitator is an “enabler” who supports the regional community to achieve these outcomes.

Highlights of the RLF project during 2016 including organising well supported soil erosion field days to build knowledge and skills about road drainage and other practices that reduce the risk of soil loss and damage to infrastructure.  A well-attended field day at Richmond focussed on innovation in weed control.  Building community capacity in grant applications was the focus of a series of regionally-based workshops organised by our Regional Landcare Facilitator.

Project Partners: Partnerships are developed in the context of each activity

Project Funding: Australian Government National Landcare Program