Weed and Pest Management

Queensland Feral Pest Initiative Round 3

Queensland Feral Pest Initiative Round 3 - Flinders River Catchment Prickly Acacia Eradication Program

This project promotes and supports management practice change among graziers working towards eradication of restricted invasive plant prickly acacia (Vachellia nilotica var. indica) in the upper Flinders Catchment, primarily in the Walker Creek-Warianna Creek sub-catchment south of Hughenden but also partly in the Landsborough Creek sub-catchment of northern Lake Eyre Basin, all in the Shire of Flinders.  It is a Southern Gulf NRM-led project in partnership with Desert Channels Queensland (DCQ) and in liaison with Flinders Shire Council.

The project is significant for communities and natural resources in the region through the reduced extent and density of prickly acacia in the project area comprising at least six properties as well as 11,740 ha of Local Government and Main Roads reserves. Weed management practice change on the participating properties will lead to reduced risk of local re-infestation and regional scale spread of prickly acacia over those properties through treatment of approximately 25,000 ha of infestations, dense and scattered. There will be monitored recovery of grazing land management productivity and improved producer awareness of the risks of prickly acacia and the wide range of management options and methods available through regional level collaborative sharing of technologies with key organisations.

The project is funded by the Queensland Government through the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries