Sustainable Agriculture

Profitable Producers Creating Healthy Landscapes

Profitable producers creating healthy landscapes across the Southern Gulf

The Profitable Producers Creating Healthy Landscapes Across the Southern Gulf project will build the capacity of Southern Gulf NRM producers managing 225,000 hectares to have an improved awareness and understanding of the value of natural resources to their businesses. Producer Performance Groups (PPGs) will be established and incorporate external expertise and peer-to-peer learning to facilitate the adoption of best management practices to improve native vegetation, groundcover and biodiversity, reduce land degradation and increase resilience to changing climate and market conditions.

Participants will assess their current practices and develop a whole-of-enterprise and property plan to map their own priorities and pathways for practice improvement. Based on the members’ priorities and pathways, the PPGs will design their own project extension activities and prioritise the investment of targeted investment grants to achieve the project’s outcomes. Join one of three Producer Performance Groups to develop and implement an extension program and be eligible for on-ground grants by undertaking a Property Management Planning process to:

  1. Assess and develop strategies to address your natural resource management issues
  2. Document your current management practices
  3. Identify and adopt better management practices by
    • setting your NRM priorities and the group’s priorities,
    • developing an extension training program specifically for your group’s issues and interests,
    • deciding on a targeted grant program.

This project is supported by Southern Gulf NRM through funding from the Australian Governments National Landcare Program