Sustainable Agriculture

Pasture Partners for Sustainable Grazing Land Management

The Southern Gulf Beef Industry lies at the heart of the regional economy.  One of the top 10 beef producing regions in Australia, the industry is based almost entirely on the native rangelands pastures of the region.  Prominent among these are the extensive Mitchell Grass downs.

Southern Gulf NRM’s focus is on the sustainability of the native pasture resource.  A healthy pasture base protects soil and water and recovers more quickly from drought.  It yields an economic dividend, with the carrying capacity of good condition pastures much higher than those which have become degraded.

In the Pasture Partners project, we are supporting producers to systematically monitor the condition of their land using the Land Condition Guide published by Southern Gulf NRM during 2016.  The Guide draws upon many years of research and practical experience in the cattle industry and Queensland agriculture research to provide a simple way of consistently assessing pasture condition.  Pasture partners will provide participating landholders with tools and information to promote better pasture management.  It will allow them to track condition over time and to benchmark their pastures with others in the region.

Workshops, field days and publications form part of the Pasture Partners project.  Importantly our work is designed to complement the work of the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Meat and Livestock Australia and other service providers.

Project Partners: Pastoral industry, Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Meat and Livestock Australia, AgForce Queensland

Project Funding: Australian Government National Landcare Program