Sustainable Agriculture Facilitator (SAF)

The Sustainable Agriculture Facilitator (SAF) is a designated central contact point for farmers, landholders, industry, and community groups and will support sustainable agriculture practices in the Southern Gulf region. The SAF role will also perform services that support Regional Capacity Services and other sustainable agriculture related project services. 

The scope of the SAF is to:

  • Engage and inform farmers, landholders, community groups, and agriculture industries within their NRM region about climate-smart, sustainable agriculture practices – including best practice natural resource management, biodiversity and carbon markets, and practices that support emissions reduction and build climate resilience on-farm – to help achieve climate-smart sustainable agriculture outcomes.
  • Facilitate partnerships and connections that will assist farmers, landholders, community groups and agriculture industries to work together to achieve sustainable agriculture outcomes. 
  • Support the delivery of the sustainable agriculture projects in their NRM region. 
The SAF services and activities will support the Climate-Smart Agriculture Program outcomes and investment priorities. 

Sustainable Agriculture Facilitators are supported by the Australian Government through funding from the Natural Heritage Trust under the Climate-Smart Agriculture Program.