Grazing Futures LBR

The Grazing Futures project is an initiative of the Queensland Government. It is a collaboration between Southern Gulf NRM and other agencies to deliver capacity building events and activities to enable producers to improve drought preparedness and climate adaptation and to enhance business resilience for Queensland producers.

Project Objectives

    1. Prioritise the delivery of workshops, training and targeted support within the themes of people and business, grazing land management and animal production based on verifiable industry needs, data and regional drought conditions.
    2. Support grazing businesses in western Queensland to improve business resilience, drought recovery and future drought preparedness.
    3. Improve the skills and capability of grazing industry support officers from both the public and private sectors to facilitate improvement in business resilience, drought recovery and future drought preparedness of grazing businesses in western Queensland.
    4. Partner with government, non-government agencies and other partners to deliver comprehensive support to grazing businesses and value add to existing services.
    5. Analyse and document key learnings from grazing businesses adopting objective measurement to enhance drought recovery, increase future drought preparedness and plan for other business risks.

    Grazing Futures – Future Beef

    Project Funding: The Grazing Futures project is funded by the Queensland Government’s Drought and Climate Adaptation Program and is a State Government contribution to the E-Beef Smart Farming in Northern Queensland project.