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Facilitating Adoption of the Beef Cattle Herd Management Method

The project will build regional landholder understanding of the carbon market with focus on developing a Herd Efficiency Aggregation model to reduce financial and management barriers preventing participation.  The project focusses on the existing Emissions Reduction Fund Beef Cattle Herd Management methodology to produce more beef from fewer, younger animals at a lower handling cost. Faster growth rates mean better meat quality and market prices; having fewer cattle puts less pressure on pastures, allowing herds to be maintained longer through challenging climatic conditions. The Project will increase pastoral industry knowledge and confidence in the carbon farming and the pathways land managers can take to increase revenue through the carbon market.  and will work with beef cattle producers in the north-west region to explore carbon abatement opportunities.

The Land Restoration Fund is administered by the Queensland Government Department of Environment and Science to develop the carbon market by valuing carbon credits from projects with associated social, environmental and cultural co-benefits at a higher market value than a standard carbon credit.

Land Restoration Fund – Rebates for Professional Advice

Producers considering participating in carbon farming in Queensland have access to a support package to help them make informed decisions about their opportunities.  This is provided under the Queensland Government Land Restoration Fund.

One element of the support package is the availability of a rebate for professional advisory services.  This is administered by QRIDA. Rebates are available only for advice provided by registered ‘approved advisors’ who are assessed to have the knowledge and qualifications to provide high quality advice.  The rebate program runs until June 2020.


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Project Partners: Southern Gulf NRM, Natural Carbon and Paraway Pastoral CO. 

Project Funding: This project is supported by the Queensland Government’s Land Restoration Fund