Sarus Crane Awards - Southern Gulf Natural Resource Management
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Sarus Crane Awards


Do you know a person, school student or group who have made a significant contribution to improving land management or the environment?

Natural resource management group Southern Gulf NRM is continuing its recognition of champions of the land with the organisation’s annual Sarus Crane Awards.

SGNRM coordinates the awards which acknowledge the contribution individuals and groups have made to land management, the environment and local communities.

Junior Prize

Kash Harrison – Douglas

Kash is a keen volunteer, always putting his hand up to participate in gardening activities. This year he helped to plant a vegie garden at his school and planted trees in conjunction with national tree planting day. He also assists his teacher with helping younger students to plant seeds and care for the garden. His enthusiasm encourages his classmates to participate in gardening activates.

Junior Prize

Chelsea McKavanagh

Chelsea ran the Clean Up Australia Day project at her school (Good Shepherd Catholic College) and educated students on the importance of this day. Her efforts significantly decreased the amount of rubbish around her school. In coordinating this project she was able to increase her relationship with the school community and connect with a broad range of students.

School Prize

Townview State School

Townview state school developed their own communal garden and yarning space using local indigenous trees and bush tucker plants. The aim of their project was to plant native plants that are drought resistant. Their garden also attracted greater fauna and birdlife to the area. The completed space resulted in greater community participation and support within the school culture. The space has been utilised as a learning environment for students as well as providing a natural connection between traditional knowledge and modern ways. The school has seen an adjustment in the attitudes of students towards caring for the environment and sustainability. The cultural garden has instilled pride, ownership and sense of cultural identity amongst students, parents and teachers alike.

Business Prize

SORT Recycling North Queensland

Sort recycling North Queensland aims to reduce the amount of waste going into landfill and transform the items you throw away into things you’ll want to keep forever. The organisation makes furniture and other items from used wood and metal, grows native plants as well as fruit, vegetables and flowers, has established community gardens in Cloncurry, Richmond and Hughenden, collected food waste and turned it into valuable compost and provided work ready skills to unemployed people. Their efforts have contributed to community members actively participating in the program by donating used items such as furniture and wood and has communities in three towns learning about the importance of reducing waste.

Group Prize

Mount Isa Scout Group

Mount Isa Scout Group have recently completed a belly ache bush weed walk down the Corella River and pulled out over 350 plants. They also participated in a short walk down Leichardt River to remove more belly ache bush. They helped to clean up Lake Moondara’s junction during clean up Australia day, which saw two Ute loads of rubbish transported to the dump. The Scout group has developed a keen interest in natural resource management and they recognise that Landcare is a great fit with the ethos of their group. The Scouts agree that Landcare can be a fun social activity and develop individual resilience and bush skills while completing worthwhile environmental projects.

Individual Prize

Neil Owens

Over the past 12 months Neil has been instrumental in setting up a garden at Healy state school. He has worked on activities including collecting, preparing and propagating seeds, repotting seedlings and weeding as well as fertilizing and watering of plants at the nursery and gardens. Neil has grown over 1000 plants at the nursery at the positive learning unit. These plants have then been grown at a number of local schools including Townview, Barkly, Healy, St Joseph’s Mount Isa and Cloncurry Girl Guide hut. Neil has been a leader at the positive learning unit, teaching other students about seeds, plants and gardens. He sets a great example to fellow students about the importance of behaving positively towards each other and the environment. This young man is also enthusiastic about sampling all the food he has grown in both the healthy food and native plant garden.